ZZZNEST Weighted Blanket for Adults, Heavy Blanket for Sleep and Stress Relief, Anxiety Blanket, Sensory Calming Blanket for Great Sleep, 100% Cotton Material with Glass Beads, 7.2kg 152x203cm, Grey

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Size Name

104cm x 152cm 3.2 kg(7lb), 135x200cm 4kg (7lb), 150x200cm 9.5kg (21lb), 152cm x 203cm 7.2 kg(16lb), 152cm x 203cm 9.5 kg(21lb), 155x200cm 7.2kg (16lb), 155x200cm 9.5kg (21lb)

Colour Name

Grey, Blue White, Pink

The new third generation weighted blanket was brought by ZZZNEST, for better, more restful sleep.

7 Layers of Design:

A. Breathable luxury cotton | Perfect temperature control

B. Breathable fabric | Surround the beads for maximum comfort.

C. Extra 2 layers cotton layers | Prevent the tear and leakage of the blanket

D. Glass Bead Technology | Hypo-allergenic, non-toxic, odorless, Food-grade glass beads

E. New Sewing Technology | Critical to a long-lasting, durable weighted blanket.

Weighted blanket is ideal for:

People who wake up in the middle of the night or too early in the morning

Anyone who has a problem falling asleep

Those who sleep alone and are lonely

Everyone who want to get hugged to sleep at night

Color :Dark grey

Size / Weight:(approx.)

152*203cm/60*80in 7.2KG/16lb

Fabric: 100% cotton fabric

Lining: 180G spray cotton + Super fine glass beads

Quilting: irregular grid quilting with refined cut, and it is strong and not easy to break.

Fabric features: it is light weight, durable, soft, breathable, comfortable and warm with high density and soft touch, and your body breathe freely. It can absorb sweat, prevent bacteria, keep body temperature stable.

Technology:New upgrade weighted blankets 3.0

Perfect for all seasons

How to maintenance:

We suggest that you can purchase a removable cover to use with the ZZZNEST weighted inner layer to increase the service life

Normally, it can be machine-washable in cold water (below 30℃) on a low, gentle setting, mild detergent no bleaching, then air dry.

10 reviews for ZZZNEST Weighted Blanket for Adults, Heavy Blanket for Sleep and Stress Relief, Anxiety Blanket, Sensory Calming Blanket for Great Sleep, 100% Cotton Material with Glass Beads, 7.2kg 152x203cm, Grey

  1. phillip peat

    never had a weighted blanket before so didn’t know what to expect but really makes ya feel cosy when chilling on the couch an d if you wake up in the middle of the night , seems to be very good build quality, seems well put together and at a fair price delivery was quick really pleased with it, i can see us using it alot

  2. Kathryn & Paul

    Fantastic product .. Comfortable and soft feel .. Weighted but not heavy .. Almost feels like your being held and gives a sense of comfort to anxiety sufferers like myself , It helps relax the body , I would recommend this to anybody , Fast efficient delivery , Thankyou very much !!!

  3. Bryan Johnston

    This is honestly awesome. I suffer from severe anxiety and panic attacks so I really struggle to fall asleep. This has been a game changer for me. I am able to relax (a word I have not used in many years) and fall asleep so much faster than I have been able to in a long long time. If you are considering this for someone who suffers similar issues to myself then I would 100% say go for it. It’s been an absolute blessing

  4. Richard Prettyman

    I love it, it is weighty but feels great, like a big hug, I don’t have anxiety but I do get “old man” hangovers and this blanket is brilliant on those days. I’m sure it works exactly as it should for its claimed issues.Because the weight is distributed in sewn square evenly spaced pockets it wraps around you, basically tucking you in. Great purchase and worth the money.

  5. Sarugumo

    Having read about the benefits of weighted blankets to help reduce the stress hormone cortisol, increase serotonin, improve sleep quality and even help with things like restless leg syndrome and fibromyalgia, I thought this was well worth a try.This is a pretty decent weight and when you lay underneath it, you certainly know this is different to a regular duvet. It is soft to the touch and a pleasant grey colour. The stitching seems of a good quality and the pockets the glass beads are sewn into ensure the beads do not bunch up and the blanket feels balanced throughout the night. The beads are very small and do not make a sound as you move.Be aware that this is queen sized, so you may struggle if you share your bed with someone who moves a lot. If you plan to use this with a partner, then I recommend you look for a slightly larger one.I use this with a thin sheet, then the weighted blanket and then a light duvet on top and this is more than adequate to keep me warm and get the benefits.I have noticed that I sleep deeper since using this and my wife has said the same. We don’t drop off to sleep any quicker, but when we do drop off we sleep deeper and my wife feels it is a little tough to get up in the morning (her advice, once the alarm goes off, get up straight away, as if you doze you’ll go back to a deeper sleep quickly).My wife also thinks my restless legs have reduced too. I have noticed an improvement when I lay on my back, but they are still bad when I lay on my side. But this blanket may be of benefit if this is an issue for you.There is definitely a settling in period when you try a blanket like this (and it is worth persevering with if you find it unusual at first), but I like the way it hugs your form, the weight against me as I sleep and I’ve seen an improvement in the short time I’ve been using it. Without doing medical tests I have no way to vouch for the hormonal changes a weighted blanket is meant to improve, but just in the way it makes me feel, then I can say it is well worth considering.Update, 7.10.19: After using this for a good few weeks now I can say there has been a definite improvement with my restless legs. The real test was last week when I went away on holiday. I was unable to take this blanket with me and my legs were really bad and showed me how much this blanket had reduced the restlessness. When I returned home, after a day or two, they settled back down again. The restlessness is still there, but hugely reduced.

  6. Manda

    Brilliant value for money, cheapest I found for the size, which was larger than a double, but still great quality! Brilliant product so comforting! Been using for over a week now and having the best sleep I have had in ages!

  7. Supermum

    I’ve read all the articles,All the claims,I wasn’t expecting it to actually work.It is like a calming sensation, like having the longest and most sincere hug.Take note as well if you have a partner that wriggles around at night, this holds them firmly in place. Giving you both a better sleep.That alone was worth the purchase.It’s excellent quality, the glass beads are so small you don’t know they’re there like grains of sand.It’s well stitched and the fabric is lovely and thick.Since trying it my BFF also wants one.

  8. SAO

    My wife often feels anxious when I’m not home as I usually sleep with one arm over her and she genuinely hates sleeping on her own. I suggested a weighted blanket to make it feel like i’m still hugging her while she sleeps and she looked at me like I was crazy. Well after taking delivery of this I’m happy to report that it works. She said she no longer wakes up feeling scared when I’m not at home and that was the main point of it. She still feels a bit uncomfortable when she first goes to bed as she knows I’m not there, but the blanket has stopped her waking up and noticing I’m not there, so really does help.Having tried the blanket myself, I thought 8Kg spread over my body wouldn’t really be noticeable but I was wrong, the blanket applies a constant and firm pressure around you and actually makes it quite difficult to get out from under it without applying a good bit of lift. Quite surprised.

  9. Ellie81

    I was searching for anything that could help with my panic and anxiety along with restless sleep. I had read a lot about weighted blankets and had pondered one for quite a while. I bit the bullet on my birthday and bought the zzznest 7kg blanket and a cover from another provider. It arrived 2 days ago and I am utterly obsessed with it. I tried it initially on the couch and felt a wave of calm wash over me. It is a soothing weight, not at all restrictive (until you try to move it around from room to room, at which point the 16lbs seem to multiply due to the sheer scale of the size of the blanket!). There is only one solution, I need 2 of these – one for my side of the superking bed and one for the couch! Order placed, and I await in anticipation.As for the make and quality, it is very well made and utterly silent. I do not hear the beads rustling or moving about. The weight seems well distributed. It is not too hot, although I couldn’t see myself using this along with a duvet, I use it alone with a minky cover on it and that seems fine for me.The only downside is that I find it harder to get out of bed in the morning because I am so comfy and secure. I may need to set a few snnoze options up on my phone.

  10. Mr. Rob Shill

    I have heard a lot about weighted blankets and their positive properties. I thought I’d jump onto the craze and try one. Arrived very well packaged with good instructions and an extra warranty card. The size I bought Fits my double bed perfectly. I was astonished by the weight taking it out of the package. I really wasn’t sure how it would fee but I’m writing this review while I’m under the blanket and it feels great! It’s really well manufactured and I thought I’d try and capture that in some photos I’ve taken. I look forward to a good night sleep with this!

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