Weighted Blanket – Supports Healthy Sleep & Can Help Reduce Stress – Includes Premium Super Soft & Washable Cover – 7KG – UK King Size – Heavy Blanket – (150cm x 200cm)

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Here’s what our customers say about our Weighted Blanket – “I slept like a baby!” “Best sleep ever!” “Haven’t liked a blanket this much since i was a toddler” “Amazing Quality” “Super Comforting”

10 reviews for Weighted Blanket – Supports Healthy Sleep & Can Help Reduce Stress – Includes Premium Super Soft & Washable Cover – 7KG – UK King Size – Heavy Blanket – (150cm x 200cm)

  1. Sara G.

    I bought this weighted blanket for my son, who suffers from anxiety and restless nights. The first night he used it, I noticed an immediate change in him in the morning. He said he had a great night sleep, and felt much more awake. He has continued to use it every night and now sleeps on top of his duvet, and uses the weighted blanket over him. He said the weight of it makes him full asleep quicker. He is a typical teenager worrying about everything, so I am delighted that this is helping him have a good nights sleep. Would highly recommend.

  2. KellyH

    I’ve always liked the feeling of being swaddled when sleeping and usually choose a heavy duvet and a throwover which I tuck around but it still never felt heavy enough.I’ve seen a lot of weighted blankets come on the market recently and wanted to make sure I purchased a good one.The Mela blanket came out top in a newspaper review so I decided to give it a try.When it arrived I was very impressed. Even the packaging and accompanying written materials were of high quality and gave the impression that this is a premium product. I also liked that this came with a cover as other blankets I’ve seen, you need to purchase it separately. It was easy to put the blanket in the cover and had ties in inside to keep it in place.The cover is beautifully soft and tactile. As soon as I put the blanket over me, the feeling of weight was so comforting and soothing and I realised that this is what I’ve been searching for. I’ve used it every night since and have slept brilliantly. It really feels calming and cocooning – I absolutely love it.

  3. Amazon Customer

    The product came packaged in a very neat box, filled with the weighted blanket, cover and a whole bunch of guides as well as pamphlets on what their company stand for. A company that sells a well thought out product for people with anxieties and also contributes to mental health charities. The how-to guide was extremely handy, concise but also detailed.Once the cover has been pulled over the weighted blanket, I tried it out instantly and the first hand experience of being enveloped by the blanket was unlike any other blanket I’ve tried. Comforting experience and spent my first night in the blanket feeling tugged in.Would recommend this product!

  4. Laura Wright

    I bought this blanket to try and improve my sleep. I was a bit unsure due to the price but there seems to be increasing evidence about the benefits of weighted blankets so I decided it was worth a try. I have not used an alternative weighted blanket in the past to be able to compare brands, but I can say that I have really noticed an improvement in my sleep since using this one and i’m so glad i’ve got it!!! I seem to settle quicker and wake less. The fabric is lovely and soft. It is also really handy that you can wash the cover easily as you would a duvet cover. I would definitely reccomend!

  5. Neena

    I have other weighted blankets but this one is far superior quality so well worth the money. I found my sleep quality improved greatly but my son was also so happy with the comfortable ‘hug’ feeling, that he is using it now. As wonderful as this product is, the customer service provided by the seller has been truly excellent (such service is very rare these days). This seller is truly committed to the customer being very happy with their purchase. I went back and forth to the seller with many questions about the product both before and after purchase and they were extremely helpful at every stage, even reassuring me after the purchase that if I wasn’t satisfied, I could return the item without any problem. Of course, I was extremely satisfied and still am. Support I requested from seller was along the lines of product knowledge and suitability for use by a child as well as how to get additional covers.

  6. Sunny :)

    I am new to Amazon and originally left this as “seller feedback” (oops!). I bought this blanket to help with my poor sleep. I find it hard to switch off and often wake during the night. I have heard great things about weighted blankets so thought to give it a try. I never knew something so simple could help so much. I am sleeping much more soundly.

  7. Michelle Jolly

    I had problems sleeping. I wore a Fitbit which monitored sleep. Some nights I would only get 1 hour sleep. I was anxious, stressed, worried and nervous. I went to bed tired and I woke up tired. I bought the blanket and I felt no more stress. I felt very peaceful and I sleeping t to nights in a row for over 7 hours. I was more active in the day. The only downside is sometimes I do feel hot and I am not sure the weight is evenly distributed. Still aiming for 8 hours though.

  8. Nutty Buddha

    We ordered the blanket at 22:00 and it arrived by 14:00 the next day very well packaged. After reading a lot of reviews I decided to purchase the sleep blanket from Mela Comfort even though it was substantially more expensive as I didn’t want to buy cheap and then buy twice or be chasing glass beads all over the bedroom as has happened with cheaper brands. You can tell it’s a quality product straight out of the box, it’s well stitched and the weight distribution is even unlike some other brands- strong hint to read the reviews before you part with your hard earned cash! The fleecy cover it comes with has a lovey cosy texture, again it’s a quality product, it has a sheen to it and makes it look kind of classy, we got the silver/ grey cover and we think it would go with just about any colour scheme you could have. I bought it for my partner as a surprise present after listening to David Baddiels podcast on sleep and the fact she always comments that she liked the weighted eiderdown she had as a child-hey presto problem solved but alas I should have let them choose it for themselves as they would have chosen the lighter one as I bought the 9kg which literally pins you to the bed as opposed to the comforting feeling of being hugged! This is a tricky decision to make as we all like different things but my advice would be to go with the lighter weight first as most of us are used to light quilts these days. Also, I ordered the super king size but when we put it on the bed it seemed a bit on the small side and now having used it and in the process of returning the initial order ONLY because it’s far too heavy, we’ve decided to order the double 5.5kg. If you’re using it for a couple I’d suggest 2 x doubles for a king size bed or 2 x singles for a double bed as to share 1 sleep blanket between a couple would be problematic due to its weight -you can’t help but disturb your partner if you’re a fidget like me not because of the noise as with other brands but the movement of the blanket would rouse them from their slumber unless they’re a very heavy sleeper! Plus I also liked the fact that any returned blankets are donated to a homeless shelter, recycling at its best and most commendable. The company got in touch with me a few days after receiving the blanket, they were very informative and appreciative about the points I raised and are making headway in improving their already great product in reference to a couple sharing it, it was absolutely no problem about returning the blanket and they even gave me up to 20% off my next purchase which I have since made. A great product from a great company, would definitely recommend.

  9. Alison English

    I got this blanket to try because of the reviews it has regarding having benefits of elevating stress and giving you a good nights sleep. This is quite heavy and feels really good and soft. My daughter has tried this first for a night, after using this she said it was one of the best sleeps she has had and was very happy and looked content, she has borderline autism. I have found that I am not as anxious and it really does have a calming effect, would recommend buying this to anyone as I have noticed a difference in my mood even after a short period of using this. I can actually say I have not woken up at all during the night with this on me. I just put this over me without a quilt and I was warm and felt I was less restless great nights sleep and it has made a difference.

  10. Gnsgkf

    I was skeptical about how much difference a weighted blanket would make to my broken sleep as I suffer from ME/CFS and a decent nights sleep has eluded me for over a year. After reading many reviews decided if I was going to try one, then buy the best quality I could afford and I’m very surprised and delighted to say this blanket is Really amazing! After 3 nights using it I’ve averaged about 7.5 hours sleep a night up from my usual 4-5 hours. It’s very soft, cosy and surprisingly supple so it moulds well to your shape without pinning you down which was my concern as I’m a bit claustrophobic! I can easily move my feet and legs to reach outside the blanket when they get a bit warm and I think that’s the ME/CFS not the blanket! I followed instructions not to use it above chest and find about stomach level works best for me. I bought one that’s 10% of my body weight. It feels like a very safe and comforting light pressure and that seems to have magically stopped me being so restless and I haven’t experienced any anxiety now for 3 nights which is such a relief and I’m feeling calmer. I feel these effects will last and it means no sleeping pills👌🏻 It is a lot of money so very pleased it’s doing exactly what it says it does!

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