viceroy bedding Weighted Blanket for Children Kids Autism Anxiety – 100% Cotton with Sensory Soft Minky Dot Reverse Side – Heavy Weight Blanket for Sleep Therapy (Stars Grey, 100cm x 155cm, 4.5kg)

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90cm x 125cm, 2.3kg, 100cm x 155cm, 3.2kg, 100cm x 155cm, 4.5kg


Dinosaur Blue, Stars Grey, Unicorn Pink

IMPROVE YOUR KIDS SLEEP : Weighted blankets for children are significantly heavier than standard duvets and quilts. These blankets help improve sleep quality because they promote the production of melatonin, a natural hormone that controls your natural sleep cycle. They are particularly helpful for children on the autism spectrum, who crave touch and pressure but are unable to tolerate typical physical touch from loved ones. This blanket has a sensory minky dot texture on the reverse side. HOW DO THE WEIGHTED BLANKETS WORK ? Weighted blankets provide a sensation known as ‘grounding’ that applies moderate pressure to the sleeper’s body and pushes them further into their sleep surface. Grounding also triggers the release of hormones that calm the nerves and lead to a good night’s sleep. The blanket’s weight is key for preserving sleep quality and getting an adequate amount of rest each night. Weighted blankets should be tailored to the individual users own body weight. WHICH WEIGHT DO I NEED ? It is important that the weight of the blanket is in proportion to the bodyweight of the person using it. The commonly accepted principal verified by Occupational Therapists is that the weighted blanket should be 7%-12% of your body weight. Usually 10% of your body weight. Our 90cm x 125cm 2.3kg is suitable for kids around 20kg to 30kg, the 100cm x 155cm 3.2kg is suitable for kids around 30kg to 40kg, the 100cm x 155cm 4.5kg is suitable for kids around 40kg to 50kg WHY CHOOSE THE VICEROY BEDDING WEIGHTED BLANKET OVER THE REST ? Ours is available in three weight options and in two sizes. Small and Single Size. This makes the blanket most suitable for a child who weighs between 20kg and 50kg. The blanket is made from a premium high-density 100% cotton material, machine washable, and with internal cotton padding. Weighted blankets are safe for both children and adults, but you should not use a weighted blanket for any child under three years of age.

10 reviews for viceroy bedding Weighted Blanket for Children Kids Autism Anxiety – 100% Cotton with Sensory Soft Minky Dot Reverse Side – Heavy Weight Blanket for Sleep Therapy (Stars Grey, 100cm x 155cm, 4.5kg)

  1. Steph24

    Exactly as described. I was going to pay at least £100 for a branded one and I am so glad that I didn’t. This one is well made and really lovely. Personally, it hasn’t worked to reduce my daughter’s movements in bed, she just kicks the blanket off and still ends up at the bottom of the bed or the wrong way round. But she likes the weight of it and I think that she feels safe in it, it just doesn’t help her how I hoped it would. Honestly, I can’t see how the more expensive ones would be better than this one. This one is pretty, well made, soft…. Definitely recommend and I’m tempted to get one for myself!

  2. Andrea

    purchased for my grandson. He doesn’t sleep through the night and when sitting he’s always on the go. Placed this over him when it came and he sat so still watching a film. Hasn’t made him sleep all night yet, but I think it has helped him.

  3. Tellie

    This is a decent weight and feels very soft, currently trying to get my son used to it as he doesn’t like change.

  4. Amazon Customer

    Amazing. We been told about weighted blankets before but found them plain and expensive this was recommended by a friend and my son who struggles really to sleep just loves snuggling under and it really helps him calm down and settle to sleep. He says “it’s like your always hugging me mummy”Lovely and bright not to heavy but heavy enough to help soothe and calm a child in sensory distress. I wish I had gotten myself the unicorn one 🙁

  5. Jessica

    My daughter is 4 years old. She has multiple medical, physical and special needs. Her anxiety and aggression bounce of each other and can create one hell of a time for everyone. She has nightmares, she has general trouble sleeping. I got this during the COVID-19 pandemic, her life had been turned upside down she was stuck inside so she was anxious and aggressive in a massive way. i brought this as a last resort she is only 14kg but i brought the 4.5kg as she likes a tight hug and she is a small child. The blanket is quite heavy but within the first 10 mins of using this blanket she was calm and even after coming out from under the blanket for the rest of the day she was so much calmer and easier to handle, that night she slept through the night, no nightmare, no kicking out, no screaming, no waking up nothing for the first time in ages. we have woke up today the next day and so far she is calm and just playing. The blanket is cute and sweet, its heavy but thats ok for my daughter she has hyper mobility and its not caused any extra pain for her so far.

  6. C Mockridge

    I ordered 2 of these Blankets for my sons who never sleep they are Beautiful. The yellow side is so soft bright and great for sensory with the yellow bobbles. The Blankets are very colourful and for the first time my boys actually slept through most of the night ( a miracle) I 100% would recommend these blankets to everyone wish I’d have found these sooner. Amazing thank you.

  7. Hrh

    I had heard of weighted blankets but just wasnt sure if it would help my autistic son, but as soon as it was delivered I opened it showed my son his new blanket, wrapped it round him while he was playing and he told me it was a snuggle blanket! He loves itFew weeks later.. my son uses this blanket every night and I’ve noticed an improvement with his sleeping

  8. Ms. J. Mckeown

    Bought this blanket for my 10 yr old daughter, she has trouble settling of a night and we had tried everything so this was a last resort.I wish we tried this sooner, it is amazing, she falls asleep really quickly, the blanket had a soft fleece side and a cotton printed side, it is very well made and beautiful. It is quite heavy to carry around (which she does when she doesn’t feel well) but feels fine when on top of you.This is a must for anyone who has problems settling of a night.

  9. christina hughes

    Thai is the best money I have ever spent after dealing with her night terrors and someone suggested to get a weighted blanket it’s amazing and works so well the weight is heavy and it is so well made I have shopped around and this price is the best so happy thank you so much

  10. Patty

    I purchased this for my godson of whom has asd plus another two conditions. He hasn’t slept throughout the night for months being awake most of the night which has a knock on effect the following day. Well last night (the first night he had his blanket) he took himself to bed wrapped the blanket around himself and fell asleep. He did wake up once during the night for a short while but soon went back to sleep and remained asleep until 10.45am.He hurt himself today at teatime and cuddled under his blanket which proves he feels safe and comforted. Had I seen this blanket before I would have purchased one. Don’t hesitate to buy one it’s worth a try.

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