Thermal Warm Fleece Teddy Duvet Sets Quilted Covers by NOVALI


  • Duvet set is in various sizes in Single, Double and King.
  • Duvet set is Easy to Care, simple to remove, simple to wash at 40 degree.
  • Wash comparable Colors of Teddy Duvet set together for freshness of fiber.
  • Material of Teddy Lincoln Duvet set made out of Fleece.
  • Teddy Duvet spread especially interfaces with you to change the style of your bedding room structure along season to season or occasionally.


TEDDY DUVET sets by NOVALI are structured by best designers and made up from feathers as a warm insulator. A duvet spread is known as protected layer or outer shell and beautification piece which is filled by feathers for warm insulator that slips over the duvet set or a comforter set. Duvets are very expensive and hard to wash so duvet spreads are significant and they secure your bedding and cushion during use. The Teddy duvet interestingly empowers you to change the style of your bedding decoration according to your bedrooms bedding sheets color or wall curtains and color of wall with the essential shades of the duvet cover.

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Black, Cream, Mink, Ochre, Purple, Red, Silver


Single, Double, King, Super King


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