HIGH LIVING Weighted Blanket Sensory Sleep Reduce Anxiety (Medium (122cm X 183cm))

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Medium (122cm X 183cm), Large (152cm X 203cm)

Highliving Weighted Blanket Medium

The Highliving Weighted Blanket – Medium : 122X185CM is one of a kind as it helps you enhance your sleep quality and reduce anxiety. They are Oeko-Tex certified and is produced in our manufacturing unit which is ISO 9002 approved and SA-8000 Certified.

Reversible Blanket

Highliving weighted blanket is made of cotton fabric on one side and soft mink fabric on the other helping you use any side depending on your comfort.

BPA free glass beads

The BPA free glass beads helps to uniformly distribute the internal beads of the blanket keeping the weight equally distributed.

Improves Mood and Anxiety

This high quality weighted blanket helps in relaxing the nervous system by simulating the feeling of being hugged and improves your mood instantly and helps you fall asleep.

Gridded Stitching

We have introduced the gridded stitching method to our 100% selected fabric blanket. This helps in holding the blanket in place and not letting it slip off easily.

Easy to maintain

Highliving weighted blankets are easy to use and easy to maintain. They are machine washable or can be dry cleaned.

Choose your size

You can choose blankets which are 7%-12% of your body weight, preferably 10% of your body weight. If you are between weights, it is recommended to choose the heavier weight.

10 reviews for HIGH LIVING Weighted Blanket Sensory Sleep Reduce Anxiety (Medium (122cm X 183cm))

  1. Sarah Shaw

    Amazing price, my asd husband loves it, helps him relax easier. Really soft and good quality! Weight is spread really evenly.

  2. Alyson

    Had been advised to try a weighted blanked for poor sleep patterns. There are so many to choose from but have not been disappointed with this one . It’s well made. One side is cotton which is cooler and the other side is a lovely soft velour which is lovely and snuggly especially for when it is colder weather. The glass beads are tiny and allow the blanket to ” mould” around your body. The blanket is obviously heavy but only took a couple of nights to get used to it. Have still had some nights of multiple waking but I do seem to get back to sleep more quickly and have only been using it for under two weeks and others have commented that it can take a little while to see the benefits. I would definitely recommend. Great speedy delivery.

  3. Janet Ritchie

    Bought as a birthday gift & i was surprised at how nice it was given the price…..most of these types of blankets are at least double the price……the pics online only show the plain side but the other side has a really nice feeling velvety fabric……weight is distributed evenly across it & the edging is terrific quality……thinking of getting one for myself as it’s a lovely blanket at a fab price!!!

  4. Bethan Thomas

    I have to admit I have been wanting one of these for a long time so when this came on offer I snapped it up and I’m so glad I did. It helps me sleep and makes me feel less anxious. I would not be without it now

  5. Amanda

    Love this blanket, it’s perfect as I need the weight of a duvet and crochet blankets to sleep but I don’t like the heat they create. I love my blanket so much that I have shared the link with friends who have ordered and I have also ordered 2 smaller blankets for the children who keep sneaking under my blanket at any opportunity.

  6. Al

    I had been looking at buying a weighted blanket for a while since I was diagnosed with autism and had selected one dearer than this based on reviews, to put in my basket for later as is was £100.By chance my Reflexologist had purchased this blanket to use with her clients who have anxiety and asked if I wanted to try it. It was an amazing experience (it was a lot heavier than I expected) and I fell in love and went home and ordered one that night.I have slept so much better with it on.The only downside is that it doesn’t come with a cover and it is a different size to standard duvet covers.I have tried putting it on top of the duvet but it is then too restricting so it is under the duvet now. It’s covering is very nice and soft and hopefully it won’t start to smell too quickly!Washing instructions recommend hand wash but i feel that would be difficult to do as it is so heavy. May try one of those sprays beginning with F that are supposed to get rid of ‘nasty niffs

  7. ellie clegg

    this blanket is a godsend. i have been hunting down a heavy but cheap weighted blanket for months, and i hovered around the idea of buying this one simply because it seemed to good to be true, considering most weighted blankets i have seen cost more than £80. i finally decided to take the risk and buy this blanket.let it be said that i am a quite small girl, i am 5,4 and so this weight is perfect for me. i even struggle to pick the whole blanket up to be honest but the weight is so perfect for relieving anxiety and chest tension. i honestly did not expect such a good quality and heavy blanket considering the price, but if ur looking for a cheaper option i cannot reccomend this blanket enough.

  8. Michele Redmond

    My daughter absolutely loves this, her anxiety has reduced as she sleeps so soundly after 15 years of restless sleep

  9. C.cox

    Oh wow it actually works, the entire family use it. Cheapest I’ve found and still high quality. I struggle to sleep in general so it aids my sleep but fiancé tends to pinch it too. I put it on top of my duvet for weight. I ordered a large so my little one can sneak under it with me too. It also gets used on the sofa but be warned you’ll be yawning through your movie!Due to covid-19 my fiancé & I are suddenly separated so it’s a lovely substitute for his cuddles at the minute too!

  10. Megan

    Best purchase I have made, wanted to get one forever but kept weighing out the pros and cons! I got the 20lb grey one and received the exact one I ordered. Most weighted blankets are very expensive but I found this one to be quite cheap for the amazing quality and service of it. Would absolutely recommend this to others and would buy another if needed!

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