Brentfords Weighted Blanket 4kg for Adults Teenagers Kids Therapy Sensory Anxiety Autism Insomnia Stress Relief, Single-Blush Pink-125 x 150cm, (9lb)

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Size Name

Single: 125 x 150cm, 4kg(9lb), Double: 125 x 180cm, 6kg(13lb), King: 150 x 200cm, 8kg(17lb)

Colour Name

Blush Pink, Silver Grey

Brentfords Weighted Blanket

This weighted blanket uses revolutionary ‘Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation’ therapy to relieve stress, insomnia, anxiety ADHD. – the compact stitched pockets distribute weight evenly across your entire body, creating a calming, snuggle effect. Certified, non-toxic, hypo-allergenic micro glass beads contained within the 4.5 inch pockets and microfibre cover, makes this blanket healthy, breathable, comfortable and durable, whilst stimulating the stress points.

Revolutionary Deep Touch Pressure Therapy

Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation Therapy works by applying gentle pressure to stress points in your body. Medical research suggests this natural therapy helps the user settle quicker into a therapeutic restful sleep which can improve overall mood and well-being.

Ideal for Children and Adults

Available in 3 sizes containing different weights means the weighted blanket is suitable for both adults and kids alike. Consult your physician for recommended blanket weight, although this is usually between 7-12% of your body weight. The 4kg blanket is ideal for children, whilst the 6kg and 8kg weight is suited to adults. Please note: this product should not be used by very young children, who are unable to move the blanket themselves.

The Weighted Blanket Science

The compact stitched pockets distribute small certified non-toxic micro glass beads evenly throughout the blanket and over your entire body, creating a calming, snuggle effect. This helps to reduce stress, insomnia, anxiety, ADHD, restless leg syndrome, autism and other behavioral and sleep relief.

10 reviews for Brentfords Weighted Blanket 4kg for Adults Teenagers Kids Therapy Sensory Anxiety Autism Insomnia Stress Relief, Single-Blush Pink-125 x 150cm, (9lb)

  1. vicky

    Why did I wait TEN years to buy a weighted Blanket???I have suffered with chronic pain and nerve damage since spinal surgery went wrong in early 2012.I have always tried to find ways to apply subtle pressure to my leg and this does the perfect job.Also, for more than 10yrs i have been suffering with insomnia.Awake 3 days at a time. Going to bed before 10pm and still being awake at 4am . Broken sleep and pain are not a good combination.So imagine my sheer wonderment when I opened the bag and used this blanket for the first time and was asleep in less than 10 minutes!!!Not only did I fall asleep, but i stayed sleeping. Now it is used every single night.I wake up feeling rested.The reason I waited so long to get one is because of their price normally in excess of £80 -150.This blanket at £25. Is the best thing i have ever bought for myself.If you struggle with sleep, restless leg syndrome, anxiety, i can only say buying one of these will be the best gift to yourself in a long whileMine is an 8k double and is big enough to cover an entire double bed. Get one before the price changes

  2. Lulu

    We got the super king ones (they end up being a perfect size for a double bed). We got one each and would highly recommend getting one per person.I find this amazing because it is thin like a blanket but with the weight of a duvet (well a bit heavier). It’s perfect for me.I have fibromyalgia, Me and depression. My partner has depression and insomnia and honestly these blankets have made a massive difference.I get restless legs really badly and with this blanket it’s a lot better. The weight feels amazing.My partners actually been able to sleep!And at this price it’s a steal!If it’s folded or bundled impossible for me to lift because it’s 10kg but when it’s out flat much easier. So if you have difficulty lifting things on delivery make sure you have some help!Only difficulty is working out how to keep them fresh, but I knew when I bought it that washing them would be difficult.

  3. CharlotteEmma

    Very heavy to mive around the bed but perfect to sleep with. Takes a few days to get used to the weight but once you do it feel amazing. Iv slept so much better since having it and use it every night without fail now and this past week iv slept really well. I suffer with anxiety and this quilt helps me switch of and get comfortable at night. Would definitely recommend. Iv had friends and family now buy them due to me loving mine so much.

  4. Karl Grady

    I ordered my double weighted blanket late on last Thursday nite it arrived yesterday and its fabulous I had best nite sleep I’ve had in ages I have fibromyalgia and arthritis so always in pain, this really helped, would recommend it to any one. Love this product!! 😊

  5. Hilary

    The girls said they were perfect and are helpijng them to get through lockdown.

  6. katie

    THE ITEMThe recommended size for my body weight was a double size, however this sold out. my bed is a king and adult can add an extra few pounds but i went for the king even though i was slightly worried. the item came 4 days early and came packaged nicely and came in a white bag with handles. The colour is the super cute like the picture and it is soft and good quality. It is really heavy so i feel like its an arm workout every time i pick it up and move it but thats expected. It is hard to lift but its easier to drag but its not that bag of a deal since the weight is the point of the product.THE EXPERIENCEso when i first laid under the blanket it was such a strange (in a good way) experience. The weight was nice and relaxing and it felt really good on my body. I have slept with it on top of me and on top of my quilt too. Surprisingly, it doesn’t get too warm and stuffy just under the blanket so its fine during the hot summer. I feel like i get use to the weight, but i do feel it helps calm my body and anxiety. It can get quite annoying when i wake up and i wanna take it off so i just end up kicking it to the bottom of my bed. The beads are unnoticeable and they evenly fit to your body shape.MY WORRYi was worried if this was dangerous to sleep with but i think it may just be unsafe for young children. please do your research. The description also says they are made from micro-beads made from glass so i was scared to sit on the blanket and break the glass/damage but i think the beads are too small to break.OVERALLI feel like this is a great blanket to ease anxiety and maybe relax you at night time. as some blankets are like £100 this is worth the money and hopefully it lasts.

  7. Ms. Lara Proctor

    This is a superb weighted blanket, when I was looking to buy one I was put off by the high price tag of similar products. The blanket is such good value, I cannot fault the quality – it’s really heavy! But in a good way! Colour is perfect and exactly what I was looking for. Super speedy delivery too!

  8. Shoehound

    Don’t usually do this but… this is the second one I have bought in the last 2 weeks. Nothing wrong with the first but the big size and made hubby too hot. So then bought this one for my side of the bed. Sleeping better than I have done in ages. Just something very comforting about it. Good quality for the price and a pretty colour.

  9. Tich

    Bought this for my child who was struggling to settle to sleep, has ASD and ADHD he said he would like to try it. He thought it felt a bit heavy at first and he would be too hot, but decided to try it. He loves it, settled to sleep within minutes previously took anything up to an hour or more to settle. He says it’s not too heavy and doesn’t make him feel too hot. I’ve placed it over a lightweight duvet ( he normally chews the duvet cover edge every night) he hasn’t done this since using the weighted blanket. Really impressed he’s sleeping well, good quality, brilliant price. It’s not a full single bed size but is big enough to cover him comfortably.

  10. Lou

    I bought the blush pink 6kg blanket, it is so comforting. I’ve always had weighted blankets for my son but thought I would treat myself (sensory/asd), I didn’t expect it to be as soft as it is which is a nice surprise, I’ve had it on the sofa it’s been really comforting and didn’t feel overly heavy but when I needed it I definitely felt the weight more and it was a huge benefit.

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