Anjee Sherpa Flannel Weighted Blanket for Adults, 6.8kg, 120 x 180cm Gray, Double-Sided Super Soft and Fluffy Fleece and Sherpa Heavy Throw Blanket, Improve Sleep

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Blue, Gray

Product Description

Perfected Ergonomics

Crafted with 220 GSM fleece top and 220 GSM Sherpa reverse, Anjee weighted blanket is not only a pleasure to look at but also soft and fluffy to the touch. Envelop your body naturally for deep and sound sleep.

Non-Toxic Ceramic Beads

Filled with premium ceramic beads padding, Anjee weighted blanket is safe to both human and environment.

Excellent Beads Locking Technology

The safe and nontoxic ceramic beads are locked evenly and securely in the middle of the weighted blanket thanks to the reliable and original 7-layer design and our one of a kind 3mm per stitch sewing technology.

10 reviews for Anjee Sherpa Flannel Weighted Blanket for Adults, 6.8kg, 120 x 180cm Gray, Double-Sided Super Soft and Fluffy Fleece and Sherpa Heavy Throw Blanket, Improve Sleep

  1. Emma W

    I haven’t used a weighted blanket before, so I don’t know how it compares to other brands but I am very happy with it. It has been too hot to use this overnight as it is midsummer, but I have been using it while watching TV. It has a lovely weight and feels comforting and snuggly, but not too heavy and oppressive. I had originally thought to use it as a blanket on my bed, but I really like using it on the settee now! My husband and kids all really like it too, so it has been a big hit in our household.It has a soft velvety top and a teddy bear fabric underside. Inside are little ceramic beads which make the weight up. The cover is not removable. The only downside to this blanket is how do you wash it? The label states (as you can see in my photo) ‘Do Not Wash. Spot Clean Only. Do Not Dry Clean’ but underneath there are symbols, one of which suggests you can wash it on a gentle cycle at 30C. Then on this page there is a question where someone asked how to wash the blanket and the manufacturer said you can wash it and tumble dry gently but in a commercial machine. So I am confused! I would agree that if you need to wash it, a commercial machine is what I would use as the weight of the blanket (plus the extra water it would hold) could damage a domestic machine. To extend periods between washes you could put the blanket inside a duvet cover, so you could remove and wash the cover regularly (so treat the blanket as you would a normal duvet). I haven’t tried this myself, but if I wanted to use the blanket on a bed without a flat sheet, I would definitely try it.

  2. R S

    I bought the 6.8Kg blanket in the big size Had five nights of sleep so far. The first night on my bed, I slept in an hour later than I would normally. The second night I barely woke during the night, and when I did I could turn over and go straight back to sleep. And that’s continued. It makes you feel so hugged and comforted, it’s just one of the best things I’ve ever bought. It’s not cheap, but it’s obvious why – beautifully made, beads stay evenly over the blanket, you can’t hear them, or even really know they are there other than the weight, the cover is gorgeous. And in case you’re worried about being too hot, for me, it barely adds extra warmth, unlike adding a regular throw or bead spread. I know I’ll use it through the colder weather as well. I bought it to improve the quality of my sleep and it has most definitely done that, and I also find myself randomly hopping onto my bed and snuggling under it for ten minutes just for the wonderful feeling it gives When unpacking it smells something, not unpleasant but somehow like ceramic and new.The workmanship is very good.The colours are beautiful and they look better in the original than shown here in the photos, I think. The weighted blanket with the shiny, dark blue top and the soft-cuddly white undercoat is comfortable and warm on the skin.

  3. Claudine

    Weighted blankets are a type of at-home therapy that can provide benefits similar to deep pressure therapy. They can help calm a restless body, reduce feelings of anxiety, and improve sleep troubles.Living in Covid times I am permanently stressed and I suffer from insomnia. Sometimes I can’t sleep until morning and I am like a walking zombie the next morning.I heard lots of good things about weighted blankets and decided to give it a go. I am so glad I did!The pressure of weighted blankets puts my nervous system into “rest” mode every time I am under it. This is reducing symptoms of anxiety, such as a quickened heart rate and fast breathing. This is providing an overall sense of calm. When I am calm I am falling asleep. 8 hours of sleep with no waking up in the middle of the night. Awesome effect!The blanket is so fluffy and warm- I just love to be snuggled in it. I was afraid that it will be too heavy but it is really not. It is actually a really nice feeling. It does not restrict my movements and it is also not causing me to overheat. I am perfectly comfortable and warm under it.Recommend, especially for the cold winter evenings that are about to come.

  4. P. Barclay

    The sheer weight of this product in an unopened box could easily be mistaken for a different item entirely. This blanket was indeed heavily weighted with non-toxic ceramic beads but has been carefully designed so that the beads remain in position and don’t move about which definitely is a positive.The aesthetics of this blanket are outstanding; I cannot fault it. One side is silvery (almost glistening in the light) and absolutely beautiful to touch. I could not stop feeling it as it was very soft on the skin. The other surface consists of a white Sherpa fleece which was equally as delicate on the flesh. I often feel the cold – I get goosebumps on a hot summers day so it is important for me in the winter to have warm blankets. I have every confidence that this throw will keep me toasty in the bitter cold.Although this product is machine washable, it is most likely too large for domestic washing machines so will need to be cleaned in a commercial washer. It is not suitable for dry cleaning. Some may say that this blanket is expensive, but I personally think that you definitely get what you pay for in this case.

  5. Siobhan Grandfield

    I am find this weight blanket fantastic

  6. 🎖Skippy

    I was a bit sceptical of using a weighted blanket but this beautiful soft luxurious throw proved me wrong.The throw has ceramic beads inside for the weighted part but you do not feel these as they are surrounded by seven layers.The blanket is so pretty with a sparkly silver colour on one side and a luxurious Sherpa fleece on the other which felt lovely on my skin.The weighted feeling is like I am being hugged by the heat of the sun.I will definitely be enjoying this blanket as winter comes, I will be as snug as a bug in a rug.Overall beautiful weighted throw to give you the best night sleep ever.I would recommend this product.

  7. scatty

    Amazing blanket ! My restless legs are no more ! recommend for any fibromyalgia suffers out there ! Hope it helps you too !

  8. Blackcountryshaz

    I love weighted blankets! This is particularly nice as it has a soft fluffy lining which will be absolutely perfect for the colder nights. It would it only about the size of a single bed, so wouldn’t do for sharing on a double bed, but you could always get two and have one each!! It is 6.8kg and it certainly feels that when you lift it up. It doesn’t however feel as heavy when it is over you, instead giving you the warm, comforting feeling that a weighted blanket should do. I can’t wait until I can start using it in bed (it’s just too hot at the moment), and have already relegated my other weighted blanket to my husband so I can have the lovely soft fluffy one!

  9. Wayne Redhart

    Having been considering a weighted blanket for some time, it was a great pleasure to be offered one. I first heard of them via an online rumour that Chuck Norris sleeps under one. Apparently he lifts it up and down during slumber, in order to continue developing his finely tuned muscular physique. However, you can also simply lie quietly beneath one, in a state of profound comfort. Although heavy water is severely radioactive, there are no such concerns with a heavy blanket. In essence, it is simply an ordinary blanket that has been stuffed full of tiny little beads. In recent times, duvets have been getting progressively lighter. I realise now that something had been missing from my life ever since I replaced an old one. Perhaps the lack of comforting weight is the reason why so many people seem to be in a state of permanent anger these days? Although there were a couple of occasions upon which my duvet had become notably heavier (following a night of excessive drinking), it’s certainly much nicer to get the effect here via dry and odourless means.Some of the other blankets I have seen listed don’t seem to be made out of an especially soft material. This is incredibly pleasant to lie against, with both a soft upper layer and an especially fluffy sherpa side (which should ensure that the blanket is suitable for use at high altitude). Aside from feeling great, apparently there are profound physiological effects. It’s said to have a similar effect to that of being hugged, with the result of greater seratonin production. For that reason, I would especially recommend one to anybody who is stranded alone upon a desert island, or who is permanently forced by their partner to sleep in the spare room (after having accidentally increased the weight of the duvet, a few times too many).

  10. Callum

    I have difficulty sleeping waking a lot during the night, this has helped massively I wake less and fall asleep a lot quicker than normal. The blanket is soft to touch with a sherpa lining it goes on top of my duvet so I don’t feel it but I like the material. It’s got a good weighting to it not excessive that you would struggle to move but enough to make you feel grounded. The only downside is a pickle washing it, depending on the washing machine you have you may struggle and might have to take it out to wash if it doesn’t fit your machine.

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