How to Select Best Duvet While Purchasing Online

Select Best Duvet

We know that whenever you go shopping you require the product to come with the whole package. Similarly, you want your bedding not only to be warm and comfortable but to feature striking patterns that don’t turn your bedroom into a monster’s den.

Buy or Select Best Duvet online is one of the most convenient options available. You don’t have to struggle while carrying the weight of duvet out of the mart towards your vehicle. Furthermore, you don’t have to stand in long queues just clear up the payment. By a few clicks, the duvet will become the permanent resident of your room. Here is our guide on what to look for in a duvet on E-commerce sites.

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Look for Reliable Site

Everything good has a negative side. There are several scammers online who are just there to snatch your hard-earned cash without introducing any quality to the product. Resultantly, you will get your hands on the product which develops lumps or its filling spills out in no time.

Usually, people fall for such scams because they are giving away their products at cheaper prices. With today’s economy, everyone is looking for budget-friendly shopping sites. Low prices may sound tempting but that doesn’t mean the product is of high-quality. Buy the products from reliable E-commerce Bedding websites such as Amazon. You will know that you are getting a genuine product, not some flimsy copy.

Look for Duvet Thread Count

Most of the duvet’s outer shell is made up of cotton material. This is because cotton provides ultimate comfort level at a low price. The first thing you have to see is the shell’s thread count. By thread count, we mean how many threads the fabric contains in a square inch.

Higher thread makes the duvet softer and keeps the filling material in place. It does not allow finer filling such as feathers to escape the clutches of a duvet. We recommend that you choose the bedding with a thread count of 300 as it is ideal. They are perfect for making you comfortable during the whole night. Duvets with higher thread count than 300 can be out of your budget.

Types of Fillings

Did you think that we will forget about duvet’s filling? They are essential to provide you with all the characteristics that you believe a duvet should have. Duvet fillings can be divided into two main categories that are natural and synthetic.

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Natural Filling

If you are looking for breathable materials than duvets with natural filling should be your first choice. Natural fillings can be further divided into three main types.

Down-filled duvets consists of lightweight feathers plucked from the breast area of birds. We suggest the duvet with down-filled filling for the individuals who live in areas with extreme chilling weather.

Feather-filled duvets are constructed with heavier and stronger feathers. This means that may weigh more than other bedding. Plus side of these duvets is that it won’t put too much burden on your pockets.

If you are looking for a hypoallergic option in the natural filling then go for silk. Moreover, silk is also easy to maintain as it can be washed in a machine or tumble dryer with ease.

The wool filling is a perfect temperature regulating option. It traps warm air to keep you comfortable in cold weather. If your body gets heated up, it will remove excess moisture and heat.

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Synthetic Filling

Feathers tend to aggravate allergies of the individual. They are more easily washable than natural fillings. Hollow fiber and microfiber can be defined as synthetic filling.

Being on the heavier side, hollow fiber is thicker to trap the warmth inside. Usually, they are coated with anti-allergic treatment.

Even lighter than down-filled duvets, microfibers include fine fibers in its construction. In other words, they will let you experience the luxurious bedding of a king.

Check the Tog

The most confusing thing you will experience while you select best duvet is to judge the ability of duvet to retain heat. To check whether the duvet has a comfortable heating level, examine its tog range. The higher the range, the more likely it is to retain heat.

Mostly tog rating is between 1 to 15. Countries such as England prefer duvets with a tog rating of 10.5 which is ideal for using all-year-around. We advise to select best duvet with a 1-4.5 rating for warmer weather as you don’t require much heat retention ability. 7 to 10.5 is ideal for seasons such as autumn or spring. For chilling winter nights, don’t go for tog rating lower than 12.

Age also plays a part in selecting the tog range. Adults especially elderly people require duvets with higher tog ratings. The reason is that their body isn’t able to properly regulate the temperature. As a result, they need the assistance of duvet to keep themselves warm.

Young children select best duvet with a lower tog rating. As their body is smaller in size, thicker duvets will let them experience overheating. For babies, a 4 tog rating is good enough. Don’t go for a tog rating of 10.5 for a young child.

Usually, children sleep in cots or smaller beds. These beds automatically keep the child’s body heated due to their smaller size. In other words, you don’t need thicker blankets for your children.

Duvet Size

Lastly, you also have to check whether the duvets fits your bed. Duvets are available in several sizes such as:

  • Cot bed
  • Single
  • Double
  • King
  • Super King
  • Emperor Size

Before clicking on add to cart option, measure your bed first. Check which option is suitable for your bed as you don’t want your duvet laying on the floor. Click on that category and then make the purchase.


Online shopping saves you from a lot of hassle but you cannot examine the quality of the product because it is not in front of your eyes. You have to rely on pictures which makes you think that these duvets are made for loyalty. No need to blindly trust some good photography because our guide will solve all your troubles. Just follow the steps mention above and you won’t become another prey for scammers.

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