Do not buy any Bed sheets till you read this guide! Best Bed Sheets for Buying by Novali

Do not buy any Bed sheets till you read this

Do not buy any Bed sheets till you read this guide by NOVALI’S designers because a sound, peaceful, cozy, restful night’s sleep on the perfect bed sheets/duvet cover may sound like a luxury, but it’s a wonderful way to set your-self up for success every morning. A great night’s sleep is also very important as getting a gym membership or adopting a diet plan for better health or any of the other healthy lifestyle choices you make. Best bed sheet for buying by novali gives a comfortable, cozy and deep sleep to wake up fresh and energetic every day.

How to Choose the Best Duvet Cover and Love the Way You want to Sleep

Getting a comfortable and cozy good night’s sleep is a must if you expect to working, playing, and thrive at your full potential – and the bed sheets or duvet covers you choose defiantly play a main role in how well you get sleep when tired. After all, it’s hard like you will get your healthiest sleep while turning under scratchy, threadbare linens that are not breathable and are just plain uncomfortable. Here we are telling few key factors to keep in mind before buying new duvet cover and bed sheets for your room bedding.

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6 Factors to Keep in Mind When Go for Bed Sheets Shopping

  1. Fabric Material
  2. Thread Count
  3. Weave
  4. Size of Duvet cover/ Bed sheet
  5. Allergies and Sensitive Skin Friendly Fiber
  6. Return Policy and Reliability

Your sleep life is just that yours and good news is that when it comes to buying bed sheets/duvet covers that feel like a dream, you have lots of choices. The right bed linens will help ensure you to get the most peaceful sleep possible. Quality bed sheets not only help you get a cozy night’s sleep, but better sleep can improve everything else happening in your life along the way.

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Why It is Important to Invest in Good Quality Bed Sheets

By some estimates research, every person may spend as much as three years of his life in bed! And while some people are aware of the benefits of investing in a high-quality bed mattress and duvets and choosing the best pillow, because how much night’s sleep is reflected in life the next day. It becomes easy to find the best possible bedding for your lifestyle, needs, and personal preference so that you can be very best during the day.

1. Fabric Used in Bed Sheet

The comfort of the fabric material plays a major role in how well you sleep — and you have wide range of options when it comes to make choice in bed sheet fabrics and designs patterns. Look for the perfect balance in duvet cover and bed sheet material between keeping cool enough to comfortably fall asleep and also warm enough to remain comfortable throughout the night sleep. You can also use blankets, a duvet or weighted blanket to regulate your body temperature during night sleep, but the bed sheets you choose lay a strong foundation for thermal regulation. Novali is offering best fabric bedding sheets which are anti allergic and perfect for all kind of skin to give them a cozy feel during sleep.

2. Thread Count

Thread count will simply measures threads per inch on sheet, indicating coarseness of any fabric. Thread count can be determined by counting the length (warp) and width (weft) of threads per one square inch of fabric material. But thread count is not important as you may thinking! The fact of the matter is that consumers have been misled about rule that is better when it comes to thread count of bed sheet.

Sheets which have higher thread counts have a tight weave — which can be a problem if you don’t like the feel like they’re trying to suffocate you during the night sleep. Other factors like sheet material, stretch, yarn quality, softness and coolness/breathability are actually more important than thread count when you’re looking for a comfortable sheet or duvet cover for your night sleep for rest.

Do not buy any Bed sheets till you read this, novali plain bedding duvet cover set in uk

3. Weave

The weave of bed sheet is invisible completely to the naked eye, but the way a sheet is woven have major impact on how it feels influencing everything from appearance, longevity, softness, and price. Weaves come in two types basically: percale or sateen.

Percale is a plain, matte and tight weave with a cool feel, crisp feel it often works well for those peoples who tends to overheat when they get sleep.

Sateen is a satin weave that feels like silky smooth — it’s soft and lustrous, and features smooth finish that gives it its name. Sateen bed sheets are little shiny in appearance and very smooth to the touch.

4. Do Not Buy Any Bed Sheets Till You Read This Guide About Size of Bedding

The standard size of sheet for your mattress may not get fit, so make sure to measure matters carefully before you buy. Also, prepare for some shrinkage after the first wash, especially with cotton fabric. Some sheets available in “extra deep” options, and if not, you want to consider buying a larger size of sheet or duvet cover  than you need if you aren’t sure the standard size will work for you.

5. Do not buy any Bed sheets till you read this Allergies and Sensitive Skin Friendly Guide

For those who have skin allergies or sensitive skin issues, it’s more important to select the best possible anti allergic bed sheets, duvet covers and pillows or they can quickly become your worst enemies for skin. If you are one of the millions of people who have sensitive skin, be sure to buy hypoallergenic bed sheets and pillow cases. In the past years, silk was a famous choice for people who have sensitive skin, but in recent years, best bed sheet for buying by novali have become the preferred choice because they are both hypoallergenic and antimicrobial.

Do not buy any Bed sheets till you read this Novali best ethnic duvet cover for bedding in uk

6. Best Bed sheet has Return Policy

Before you buy bed sheets or duvet covers, make sure you have understand the company’s return policy. Many brands allow making returns in any reason, some allow few months after your purchase. Can you return your bed sheets once you have slept on them? What if you’ve washed bed sheets? Sometimes you won’t able to tell whether you really like your new bed sheets until you have sleep on them for several nights. That’s why some companies offer a 30-day guarantee, allowing you to return bed sheets or duvet covers for a full refund if you are dissatisfied from sheet or cover for any reason.

Always wash sheets/duvet cover before you sleep on them

If you select to go with a non-organic finish, make sure have washed your bed sheets or duvet covers before using them to sleep if you have any kind of sensitivities or allergic skin to certain chemicals. Plus, NOVALI suggests that “washing bed sheets before you used them allows the yarns to bloom and creates a softer feel.”

Novali's Rose Duvet Set

Top Best Duvet Cover Bedding Sets | Double & King Bedding | for Buying by Novali

Novali the best brand of bedding in UK is offering wide range of LATEST BEDLINEN DESIGNS like a exuberant floral bedding, classic stripe bedding so anything in between in all size like single, double, king and super king. All the bed sheets and duvet covers offered by NOVALI is Very Comfortable, Temperature regulating and Anti allergic. Our fashion bedding are so comfortable and cozy which are liked by everyone because every design offered by novali is designed and develop by famous designers and best fiber material. Printed design for percale bedding and luxurious bedding. Breathable linen bedding is high thread count sateen bedding. Our latest designs will change on every season for luxury decoration and comfortable bedroom so check back to see our exclusive designs. Bedroom will turn into private oasis with trying something latest from our collection of bedding designs sets. Complete your private oasis with voile quilt, cozy duvet covers & pillow covers.


NOVALI’S BEDDING’s no.1 CONCERN is to provide cozy sleep to its customers. Our Novali Bedding was crafted with the sole purpose of being soft & comfortable! The fibers used in our best bed sheet for buying by novali are spun incredibly fine which give extra soft finish for a perfect night’s deep sleep!

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