About Novali

Who We Are

Novali ltd is a world leader in supplying major retailers and home textile in UK and all over the world. Novali,s success and growth reflect his commitment to customer relationship and designing new product to deliver at extremely competitive prices.

Our History

Our company grow organically over the years by consistently hardworking and reinvesting profits back into the business. Novali ltd is a UK Base Home ware business situated in Huddersfield. We sell a range of Home-ware Bed Set with Duvet Cover and Pillow Cases,such, Pillows, Duvets, Bedding, Bathroom Essentials, Mattress Toppers and Protectors and Home Accessories.

We are enchanted that you shopped with Novali we are always seeing approaches to improve our business and welcome any productive input you have for us.

Novali’s Goal

Our major investments in the industry have been made in Information Technology, Logistics and Designing. Novali’s main priority is to fulfill and satisfy the customers requirement. Our expertise includes creative concept through product, cost management, quality, ethical assurance, technical assurance and the main thing is to provide a first class service to our customer.

Material Is Everything

These days the biggest trends in market is linen bedding. According to customer reviews “More and more people are selecting it because their all-season sheets making it a staple for each linen closet.” It is very easy to understand linen bedding. “It is casual elevated as bedding and ideal for year round use cool and breathable in the season of summer weather it is naturally temperature regulating and layered with others bedding for the winter season.”

Other benifit of linen bedding is that it is The fabric is machine washable and it dries three times more faster than cotton .


Your bedroom is a place where you sleep to relaxing and if you get a good sleep you fall in love with bedding. Novali is offering thousands of bedding basics, sets, sheets and accessories. These accessories make your bedroom the stylish as you want.

Pillows for a Good Night’s Rest

There is no better feeling than waking up refreshed and energetic after a long good night’s sleep. Novali’s is offering a wide variety of pillows which suits your sleeping need for extra support to get comfortable. Novali is simplifying your search for the pillow of your dreams with variety of side sleeper pillows, memory foam pillows, back/stomach sleeper pillows, down alternative pillows,goose down feather pillows, neck roll pillows, leg pillows, lumbar support pillows and many more.

There is Always One Extra Room

If you are entertaining your guests make sure that no one is sacrificing a good night’s sleep. Novali is offering wide variety of bedding which is easy to assemble and deflate with a variety of innovative features like pillow top surfaces,memory foam pillows, stomach sleeper pillows, built-in AC pumps and carrying cases for convenience.

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